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DOB: March 2007
Forum: Sheep
Type: Magic Ability
Element: Fire & Earth
Guild: None


DOB: Dec 2008
Forum: Cat
Type: Pure Attack Power
Eliment: Evolution
Guild: 80s Kids


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Monday, March 16th, 2009
3.16.09 @ 9:37pm - Some little events, OneStopBunShop & Ripped Off!

On Friday the 13th they had 2 little events. One was 3 gift boxes containing a UFO, Chucky, and Halloween pet. We also got a 13% more experience weekended! lols

There was a popularity contest and Count Blood won! And since I voted for him I am suppose to receive some MyCamp prizes but havent seen them yet. Maybe after the next game update (Wed?)? Sometimes its hard keeping track of all these event prizes! @_@

Okay, now it is time for me to introduce my... VEND SLAVE! Yes! The time had come when I had to many leftover event equips, items, crap clogging up my sheep and cat that I decided to create a new character for the soul purpose of holding all the stuff I want to sell... and SELL it! So OneStopBunShop was born!

And Im so glad too! She is SOOOOOOO HELPFUL! She just hangs in Mega all stocked with crap to sell whenever I need to quickly set up shop!

Even tho I dont play or lvl this character I wanted to get her a really cool hat. My first pick was the Bunny Maid hat but thats pretty expensive. So I was thinking the bunny ears from the bunny box might be cute but I didn't know how much they were worth. Well, I did a quick "B> Fused Bunny Ears" and rite away got a PM asking me to make a offer. I said I had no idea what they were worth but I had 8mill on me... Im a idiot. The person eagerly accept that 'offer'. They met up with me and practically shoved the bunny ears down my thought while I was trying to think about the price. But it was to late I just went along with the trade........

Turns out the ears are only worth around 2mil. SHAME SHAME SHAME ON YOU Graterminat10N!!!! I KNOW you knew how much they were worth! You are a bad bad bad person for taking advantage of ignorant lvl 10 bunnys. Jerk! You are going to Trickster HELL! But to be fair, shame on me as well for not knowing any better. I really should of done a P/C first. Let this be a lesson. But if I ever see that guy again Im gonna yell at him so much for being a greedy little sneak!!
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Thursday, January 29th, 2009
1.29.09 @ 9:00pm - x/o quiz


For the first time I made it to the X/O Quiz on time! However I didn't get a ticket. :c

With our confidence deflated, me and the other rejects sat around and watched everyone leave. The GM stayed too till everyone was gone and told us to try again next time. Then...

She took off her GM clothes to show us her secret identity!!!!!!! A SHEEP!!!! I had NO IDEA the GMs were like that! And I just assumed she was a boy! All GMs look like boys! Isnt there a more feminine sprite?? So that was cool enouph for me to make up for not getting a ticket but then, mysteriously...

We all received a very random Pop Ticket??? @_@ Was this a consolation prize?? It was so random and unexplained. I nearly didn't notice I got one. Well... thank you mysterious gift giver GM! LOL!

And got to 200 Pop treasure boxes!!!!!
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Sunday, January 25th, 2009
1.25.09 @ 4:11pm - Team Drilling Event!


This one is interesting! Everyone in the game works together to drill up these boxes! We need a certain total amount for each of the 7 stages. Once we pass a stage we will be eligible for prizes! (as long as your charas are over lvl 40 and have at least 50 boxes they dug up them selfs) The prizes wont be distributed till after the event!

The full details can be found here:

We are currently on stage 2 but I JUST got my first 50 boxes! Since the prizes wont be given out till after the event I THINK I still qualify for stage one prizes. I hope so! I could use that one mill! This event has really great prizes! Im really looking forward to the mysterious equips, gatcha coins and cash points!!! YAY

The top drillers get VERY cool prizes! One is a GM pet! I WAAAAANNNNNNT HIM SO BAD!!!!!!

I am so smart. S-M-R-T. I am so smart.

Ive been drilling for boxes in the mines so I can also dig for refining gems! Im smart! I also did a little quest that was down there.

I ran into Rem the raccoon! After a quick civilized conversation I pointed out that his arm was on fire! And this is how it ended.

All in all a pretty satisfactory outcome.

BTW this is my ROD!

Ive been refining it.

The drilling event ends on Feb 11th so Ill prolly be in the mines drilling and prolly the Chaos Spire (cuz it has 50% more exp for the event) till then!

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1.25.09 @ 3:49pm - Random Want List


WANT! But missed out on her because she was a hard to get Gatcha pet! Damn! :c Maybe Ill get another chance one day!

I LOVE this Bast stuff! I wonder what elce there is out there? I dont even know where to get this piece.

Failing at finding a guild. I thought it would be so easy! Why does everyone run away from me?
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Saturday, January 10th, 2009
1.10.09 @ 3:51pm - Random ButterSideDown Adventures


I had to go afk for a bit and wanted to put something witty in my overhead message thing. So, I put on my pirate hat and sat at one side of the exit in Paradise with a PAY THE TOLL sign. This, surprisingly caused QUITE an uproar!

Lost in finding a guild.

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